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Privacy policy

TPrivacy policy for the 2COSMIC BOOTS store

Protection of personal data.

1.Personal data provided during the order in the 2COSMIC BOOTS store will be used only for the purpose of order processing, booking and senting a fiscal receipt ( performance of a sales contract ). Third parties will not have acces to them.

Voluntary provision of data.
2. Providing personal data for commercial purposes is voluntary.
The Employer has the ability, to acces their personal data at any time, correct and request their
removal. For this purpose, please contact:

3. These data are stored in my e-mail address in order to manage the e-mail and send an e-mail reply to your message. Third parties will not have acces to them.

4. The personal data administrator is me, or 2COSMIC BOOTS, Bokserska street 48/8, Warsaw.

5. The administrator informs the Employer that he entrusts the processing of personal data to the fllowing antities:
~MP Net Sp. z o.o.,Henryka Dąbrowskiego street 75/70, 60-523 Poznań, NIP 7811917664, KRS 0000584032 – in order to store personal data on the server.